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WotF Q208, April FFO and The D.E.T.S.

     For better or worse, my entry is off. It's been an interesting journey this quarter.  This story fulfill's a promise to my mother (who passed around my birthday last year).  It's her premise, and it's taken me years to find a way to make it enough mine to write it.  There's been mixed reastion from my critiquers, all but one really loved it (if only for the end).  I've been more into the characters lately, and this story shows it.  It has a slow start, but necessarily so, and shapes into a different story than the bordeline-cliche begins points to.  I pray it does well, for all the wrong reasons (kind of).  I'd like it to win mostly to really fulfill the promise (to get it in print).  Since I have to wait until the snow's gone to fulfill her wishes dealing with her ashes, I'd like to send her off with extra honors--to do right by her for once.  Keep your fingers crossed for me (prayers appreciated too).

     Most of the critiquers read a first-draft, which was at a little more than 16,000 words.  After 9 critiquers read it, I managed to smooth a lot of plot-points out and thin it by about 2 pages (roughly 500 words).  Then my friend Jake (who is also editor at Flash Fiction Online) took scissors to its first three or four pages, and doubled that number.  As usual, it took me a minute (hours) to see what great advice had actually been offered up.  His cutting inspired me to break out my scissors.  Thanks to Jake's trailblazing (and this credit is all his), I managed to trim over 2,000 words out!  I'm finally happy enough to abandon it to the contest.

     In Flash Fiction Online news:  Four new stories, four new illustrations.  This April Fool's issue is whimsical, to say the least.  Even the Classic Flash is on the light side.  (I wish Rod M. Santos had added another to the line-up, it's his forté.)  This clutch of tales should elicit at least one chuckle.  Jake's an eclectic editor, and I think his versatility really shows through in this issue.  I have tried to keep up artistically.

     In Tattoo news:  This weekend, the crew and I are packing-up-shop to head out for the 17th annual D. E. T. S. (Down East Tattoo Show), in Bangor.  Most of you know that I am an award-winning multi-medium artist, and that I have 147 at present for tattoos, 1 for poetry, 1 for writing and 3 for paintings.  A good charge of them I've won at the D.E.T.S. over the last six years.  This contest is the most important to me, because it is judged by Artists, Student Artists and an Anthropologist.  For the past 3 years, I've broken records at this show:  in '07 I won 12 awards, in '08 I took 17 (and was floored!), and last year I took 18 awards, and closed out (took 1st, 2nd, and 3rd) two categories.  It was a humbling experience.  I can't imagine beating 18, and it's a daunting prospect.  So, I've set my sights on the number 3.  Anything more is icing, but the show I thought would push me past 150 closed, and so I was robbed.  So I'm aiming for my 150, but hoping one of them is the much-coveted Best of Show.  I've collected 3 Best of Shows, but the one from D.E.T.S. has eluded me the longest.

     Wish me luck!

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